Guy Wampa

The debut single from Guy Wampa, bubbling synths and percussion loops. Originally released as part of the WW 1.0 compilation, this single release is paired up with a VIP club edit as the B side. is the very first release for Guy Wampa as a solo artist, it explores his connection with Jazz music and the sphere of the UK club scene, the beginning of a new journey.

Guy Wampa is the name behind the electronic creations of producer and instrumentalist Guy Wood (Onallee, I.R.O.K, Chris James, Stateless). A drummer and percussionist playing for various solo artists and a permanent member of U.K act Stateless, his solo music revolves around his rhythmic background, incorporating vast drums and analogue synths. Stripped back and raw, his instrumental style resonates with contemporary dance floor sounds.

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