Old Man Diode & Rick Holland

Open Blue

The Debut single from the Old Man Diode and Rick Holland collaboration, featuring soulful blues star Beth Rowley. Sonic craftsman OMD, presents a collaborative master-class of deep electronic soul rippled with cloak-and-dagger suspense and dance-floor edge, this is truly a step into the future of electronic music. This single package comes with two remixes from Om Unit and Dutch electro stompers Garden Fest. Open Blue is a blisteringly soulful outpouring of pure collaboration.

Old Man Diode is an alias for Composer and Producer Jo Wills (Jetsam, Deathray Trebuchay, Sion). Rick Holland (Brian Eno/Warp) is a poet, writer and collaborator. Old Man Diode + Rick Holland featuring is a project of soul drenched electronica, with roots in dub step, garage and drum & bass culture but forging its very own pulsating course.

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