Sam Mumford

Before The Love Goes

Before the Love Goes is the second release on WW Records for pioneering guitarist, composer and artist, Sam Mumford. It is a statement of pure beauty, an AA release that will resonate with you on a profound level. Following from his debut, Scatter, this second release from Sam Mumford explores new territory, more serene yet more piercing. His collaboration with WW Records co-founder, Guy Wampa, pairs brutal drums with pure and transparent production, that allows Sam's virtuosic guitar technique to lead the listener on the journey.
Together We Bend & Twist is a perfect match for the opener. Pondering, searching vocals and repetitive phrases hint at dance culture and the lyrics cut right through your emotions.
The package is rounded off with a remix of Together We Bend & Twist by Old Man Diode - a deep, jungle inspired interpretation that will bend & twist your imagination.

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