Looking Down

The only live recording ever produced by Sion, originally recorded in 2003 at Geoff Barrow’s SOA studios and finally re-mastered and released on WW records. On this EP, Sion work with long time collaborators Chris James (Stateless/DJ Shadow) and Onallee (Reprazent/Carl Cox). This music is a snapshot of the live shows that Sion were performing at the start of the century, heavy, frantic, dark and fast, equally influenced by the rave scene and contemporary improvised music.

SION is an alter ego for producers Guy Wood (Stateless, Deathray Trebuchay, I.R.O.K., Wampa) and Jo Wills (Jetsam, Old Man Diode) who have taken SION through many forms as a live dance act, performing their live shows around the country in warehouse raves and festival stages from 2002. Whilst the band doesn’t perform live any more, Sion are still active, collaborating with the Tom Dale Company, Shackleton, and developing Onallee’s new solo project.

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