Sion’s live score for the Tom Dale Companies production of Roam was two years in the making. The music is disjointed and darkly atmospheric. Featuring Bibow General (Soul II Soul sound system), Simon Bookish (Tomlab) and Chris James (Stateless) singing the words of poet Rick Holland (Brian Eno/Warp).
“like Radiohead and Talvin Singh covered by Kruder and Dorfmeister then remixed by Liam Howlett. It’s still reverberating somewhere around my navel.”

Available on ltd. edition vinyl.

SION is an alter ego for producers Guy Wood (Stateless, Deathray Trebuchay, I.R.O.K., Wampa) and Jo Wills (Jetsam, Old Man Diode) who have taken SION through many forms as a live dance act, performing their live shows around the country in warehouse raves and festival stages from 2002. Whilst the band doesn’t perform live any more, Sion are still active, collaborating with the Tom Dale Company, Shackleton, and developing Onallee’s new solo project.

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