Smoke – Black/Amber

“Black Smoke is the heat!” – Jamie George

“I’m always on the hunt for forwards looking breakbeat orientated music... This is perfect” - Warlock (Kool FM)

With Support from a range of taste makers from Matt Black to Addison Groove and radio support form Kool FM, Sub FM and Radar Radio. The latest release from O.M.D (Old
Man Diode / Valve), Smoke - Black/Amber, a straight up dance record harking back to the 90’s 12inch format - long play tunes with growing builds, heavy drops and cut up beats. This release pairs 2 tracks, sharing musical themes and form, referencing 90s era DnB productions, some of the sound and vibe of early Metalheadz and V recordings tunes with a more contemporary club weight. Black smoke is your classic heavy A side, long intro and heavy tearing drop. Amber smoke samples Guqin master Yuan Jung-Ping to bring in a more uplifting and expansive vibe, still a tune with weight but adding to the tradition of a more introspective B side.

The O.M.D moniker is Jo Wills (Old Man Diode/Valve/Jetsam/Sion) going back to his roots in club music, electronica and Jungle. Time honoured club structures and 21st century bass.

Artwork / Design - Pete Lewis -

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