Old Man Diode & Rick Holland

Still Silver

The second single from Diode and Rick Holland, 'Still Silver' brings Chris James (Stateless / NinjaTune / DJ Shadow) to the writing mix. His haunting vocal interpretations brought to life over pulsing bass and skewed grooves at once mystifying and dangerously urgent. This release builds on the success of the projects first single ‘Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley’. Diode and Holland continue to break new ground into 2012. This release features remixes by Wayne Eagle, Shylock and Itoa.

Old Man Diode is an alias for Composer and Producer Jo Wills (Jetsam, Deathray Trebuchay, Sion). Rick Holland (Brian Eno/Warp) is a poet, writer and collaborator. Old Man Diode + Rick Holland featuring is a project of soul drenched electronica, with roots in dub step, garage and drum & bass culture but forging its very own pulsating course.

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