Guy Wampa

The Viking

The Viking was written at the same time as Guy Wampa was producing tracks for U.K live acts, I.R.O.K and Stateless. This record has been explained as being an antidote to the mayhem of collaborating on an intense studio album and an outlet for his creative experiments that were left unexplored. It is a concept Dance EP, A Viking war, Slain Maidens and hallucinations of Norsk Winters.

Guy Wampa is the name behind the electronic creations of producer and instrumentalist Guy Wood (Onallee, I.R.O.K, Chris James, Stateless). A drummer and percussionist playing for various solo artists and a permanent member of U.K act Stateless, his solo music revolves around his rhythmic background, incorporating vast drums and analogue synths. Stripped back and raw, his instrumental style resonates with contemporary dance floor sounds.

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