Various Artists

WW 2.0

WW 2.0 is the second compilation from London label, WW Records. This compilation is packed with energy, from the Grime showcase of Dexplicit to Old Man Diode’s hypnotic distortion. The compilation is made up of nine powerful and evocative compositions, featuring the work of the label’s roster old and new. Overflowing with style, Guy Wood and Jo Wills have created a vision of a new music culture, one where genre is no longer a definition of ‘cool’, where the listener is free to explore the depths of their own imagination and where the artist can evolve within a borderless creative family.The record moves magically through an array of landscapes and styles, floating on an ether of honesty. It is sometimes dark and moody, sometimes uplifting, always thought provoking.

Featuring: Rene Van Munster, Dexplicit, Guy Wampa, Old Man Diode, Mondryaan, Llywelyn ap Myrddin & Aisa Ijiri, Seth Scott, Sam Mumford and Itoa.

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